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Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini // Lindsay Lohan

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dual display

Orgy of the Dead


Orgy of the Dead

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"nobody likes the barenaked ladies"

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"Magic Bus Days"

So we were walking along in the woods one day and found ourselves a bus. I just couldn’t let such a golden opportunity slip by. Rabbit thought he was just going to take a few snapshots of a girl in a bus, but I decided to turn up the heat a little and present him with a view he just couldn’t resist. He liked the topless bit, but when I flipped over the seat, things really got interesting…

Stay tuned for the action shots :)

- Snake

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John Divola - Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert, 1996-2001


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Noritoshi Hirakawa
La Scène de la Scène, 2009

Noritoshi Hirakawa

La Scène de la Scène, 2009

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take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

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