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"Day of the Dead" (1985) | George A. Romero, via horroroftruant.

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The skull of the Chinese Water Deer is one of the most iconic skulls out there. 

Like many small Asian deer species, it does not have antlers. Instead the males fight each other with their extremely sharp tusks, slashing at rivals with downward head swings. 

When not actively shanking others, the tusks can be folded back slightly., so they don’t interfere with eating. 

I wrote a short post on how and why these tusks evolved!

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MC Paul Barman - It’s Very Stimulating (2000) (WordSound)


It’s Very Stimulating is an EP by MC Paul Barman. This EP contains a few disturbing images, along with some comedic rhymes, due to Barman’s nerdy side. While most people will take this EP as a joke, it’s actually pretty dope. Although Barman’s unorthodox delivery takes some getting used to, it all fades once you hear his skills. And if you can’t get passed Paul Barman’s strange intelligence, you always have Prince Paul’s production to look forward to. For anyone who knows Prince Paul’s work you’re probably thinking, “Of course he produced this.” With a style like Barman’s it only makes sense that Prince Paul is the man behind the beats on this EP. You can hear a song from ‘It’s Very Stimulating’ called “MTV Get Off The Air, Part 2” (Dopest beat) at the top of this post.

Prince Paul ftw

if you’ve ever wondered where the term va-jay-jay came from

I’m about to go HAM

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Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

Previously: Artist Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

This is still one of my favorite things ever.

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